I wanna thank everyone who made the release of the new single “My Girl” a very special one! Had so much fun last week releasing the song and the video, and appreciate all of your support towards it! In 5 days, May 19th you’ll officially be able to request to your radio stations! Get ready. Love y’all!







Just happy maneeee! I love this picture!!


Just happy maneeee! I love this picture!!



i woke up feeling a little bit jumpy i still feel like i just had a baby even though it was a month ago. i got up to go to the baby’s room with was across the hall. i walked into the room to see no baby. i

"Where’s my baby" I said to my self I started to breathe hard I felt like I was…


Black people ain’t trying to die

chapter 23 


i woke up feeling a little bit jumpy i still feel like i just had a baby even though it was a month ago. i got up to go to the baby’s room with was across the hall. i walked into the room to see no baby. i

"Where’s my baby" I said to my self I started to breathe hard I felt like I was suffocating I pancaking.

"hi mommy" i walked down stairs to see m mom and maria. my mom was holding maria in her hands. i exhaled in relieve

" Hi baby" I said to maria as I took her out my moms hands. Maria is only a month old. She couldn’t talk but her facial expression look like she was glad to see me. I sat down in the chair as my mom passed me her bottle.

"Mom I be thinking" I wanted to go to school next month but im sure if my mom would like if she took maria while I went to school.

" about" my mom said as she put a plate of food down for the both of us

" I want to go to school next month and I was wonder if you can take her while I got to school" I looked down at maria as her eyes looked at me back.

" cc she’s not my responsibility" i gave maria her baby bottle and began to eat my food

" mom i know i just i dont have the money for a baby sitter and i dont trust anyone with my baby " my mom gave me one of those you crazy

" why don’t you ask the baby daddy’s mom pretty sure she would like to see her grad child as well" i sat there and thought about it. my mom looked at me with a you’re going to do it face

" fine i’ll stop by later" i took the bottle away from maria as soon as she was done

” babe its done there no more you get to see daddy today”



" me and maria are coming over today"


"don’t…you wanna see your child"

"yeah i just my room isn’t all that clean yet"

"well clean it now where not coming over right away i have to go shopping"

"ok mom"

before i can say bye he hangs up on me. why when talking to a guy they never say bye the just hang up. i picked up maria and headed up the stairs i took maria cloths off. i sat her on my lap as i sat on the edge of the tub i turned the hot water and then the cold making it room temp. i put maria in the tub and started to take off my cloths. i took a bath with maria to make it a one trip kinda thing. i got in the tub, poured soap in maria wash cloth. i put her in my arms and began to wash her.

"hehehe" maria laugh to kept touching my boobs

"maria stop" she continued

"maria stop touching my boobs it tickles" i picked up a little cup so i can pour water on her to wash out the soap. when it came to pouring water on her she didn’t really like it. it got to the point where she started kicking as if i was drawing her. i put her down to the side so she can play with her toys so i can take my bath after i was done i took her into my room. i put on a purple onesie i then put on her pink tutu. i put on a white-t, with black tights, and some Nike sneakers. the only cloths i had was maternity. thats the reason why i was going shopping so i can buy some cloths sense i got my body back.


i was planning surprise cassie with maria new room at my house so when she stays she has somewhere to sleep. it was more like still my room one side hers one side mine. i repainted one side of the room sense maria baby colors was quote ” pink,purple,WITH a hint of lime green but i don’t want you to tell that lime green is part of it?” i haven’t got a chance to be alone with maria sense she been here



"excuse me"

" i …was..joking"

"oh..hahaha…im outside"

"all right"

i walked down stairs,unlocked the door and saw cassie walking i didn’t see no car or anything

"how u get her" i said to her as i helped her carry maria into the house

"bmw" i looked at her puzzled

"….bmw…" she nodded her head like i was a dumbass

" bus metro walk bmw" that some new shit

" you could have called me i could have picked you up" brought the stroller in the house i picked up maria carrier and put it on the floor and picked her up

" i can take the bus" i lead them both to the living room

" i know it was a struggle to get this big ass stroller on the bus and having to carry her" cassie sat down and i sat maria in my lap

" it wasn’t it was easy" i gave cassie the steve j face

" you’re annoying" she said as she laughed

"wheres your mom" she said as she looked around

" my house is child proof and she getting ready"

"why would i be worried if its child proof or not it’s not like she will be staying her"

"why wouldn’t she"

"well you not really… i dont trust you with her by your self"

"hey sweet pea" jeffrey mom said as she walking into the living room

"hi" i stood up and gave her a hug

" ooo is that my grand baby…hi baby…hi baby" she walked over to maria and began to give her kisses

"what brings you by" jeffrey mom said as she sat down on the other couch

" i actshally wanted to talk to you"

"oh about what"

"i kinda wanna go back to school next month and i was wondering it you can take her like baby sit her while where at school"

"i would love to"

" this way you can spend time with her and im pretty sure jeffrey will pay you"

" i will"

"ya you will"

" holdup what am i paying for"

" i ask your mom to watch maria while where at school"

"oh well in that case i have something to show you"

"the last time you said that to her she ended up prego"

" mom" i shouted

" just come on" cassie followed me up stairs in to my room

" keep the door open or should we leave" i shocked my head as i opened the door

" go in"

" jeffery what am i looking at" i did a deep exhale as i turned her around to see her side of the room

"oh my god jeffrey you did this"judging by her reaction im guessing she likes it


"by your self"

" you sound so unsure"

" no im just you wanna come do my house" i walked over to her expecting a kiss

" jeffrey i cant i have feelings for diggy"

Alexis Jordan singing ‘Drunk In Love’